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Sani Sink Drain Sticks

Sani Sink Drain Sticks



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Product Description

  • Drain Sticks:clean the drain; decompose grease; refusing to block the sewer and stink; refusing the oil stain blockage by day and month.
  • Sanitation Sticks instantly turn grease away and stop greasy build up that clogs drains by physical and chemical reactions. Use one piece each month.
  • 2 steps to use the drain sticks: Step ① Just take out one piece stick and put it into the drain port until you cannot see it;Step ② The cleaner sticks rest in the pipe trap and slow-release a concentrated blend of enzymes that stop backups , clogs, odors.
  • Available for washbasin, washing pool, floor drain, bathtub and other drainage ports.
  • After-Sales Service 24x7Hrs: 1. Please clean the clogged drains/sinks before using drainsticks, as drain stick dissolve slowly, not a quick drain opener 2. One piece for one drain is enough, DON’T put more in one drains 3. Some may be broken during transportation, but they still work.Please come back to us for support.


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